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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/29/11 - Write A Comment!


Ohh, nummy, nums!

Ever wondered what those giggly little schoolgirls do when they get home from school and disappear into their parents homes? Club Seventeen is letting you in on the action!

First, one of them asks the other one if she wants to sneak into her brother’s room and peak at his porno mag collection. What curious teenage girl wouldn’t?

Next, she starts playing with her friend’s small tits. Telling her, "This is what it is going to feel like when a boy is rubbing on you!"

Before long both girls are "practicing kissing". Finally, their trembling hands find their way into each other’s schoolgirl panties. Both are shocked to find their friend keeps things bare down there. Excitement gives way to unbridled lust!

Club Seventeen is a strange name for a magazine, for sure. I mean, seriously? Seventeen? I thought girls had to be eighteen years old to pose nude on the Internet? Or anywhere for that matter!

The magazine Club Seventeen has been around since the 70’s and back then girls in Europe could pose nude at sixteen years old. Since then things have changed so the magazine switched to only shooting girls that are eighteen years old, but the name hasn’t changed.

And neither has the "look and feel" of the magazine. Even though the girls are barely legal, they look like jailbait. Lots of small tits and tight bodies in each new episode! updates twice a day and there are thousands of girls ranging from brand new amateurs to well known teen porn stars. You can download everything and/or stream it so you don’t leave any traces of your  "activities" on your computer. Girls are even available for live chat!

If you have never experienced the Club Seventeen network you don’t know what you are missing. Stop denying yourself and try something a little overwhelming. Once inside you will find yourself saying, "WOW," over and over again!

Watch the Liza & Momy video at Club Seventeen!

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