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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/15/14 - Write A Comment!

little summer kimmie little lexy swimming pool lesbian teens with small tits and braces

Get your swimming trunks ready. It is time to dive in with Little Summer, Lil Lexy and their best friend Kimmie. Between the three of them they have just enough titty to make a C-cup. What they lack in modesty they more than make up for in spunk. Sit back and let these small tits teens make your winter a lot warmer.

Summer and her friends remind me of a girl that used to live behind me. Her backyard had tons of trees and shrubbery to block the views of what transpired there. One day while I was pulling weeds in the backyard I could hear them giggling and the pitter patter of their little feet as they chased each other around the pool deck. I had to get a look.

After rummaging around the fence between our two properties I managed to find a knot I could push out to make a knothole in the fence. It wasn’t very big, but that was the point. I wanted to see them without them knowing I could. Between the branches of a tree I could see them in their skimpy bikinis chasing each other around and slapping each other on the fanny.

My pulse quickened at the sight of their teenage buns bouncing around as they moved. Without warning Summer reached out and pulled her friend Lexy’s top off. She cupped her boobies pretty fast, but I got enough of a glimpse that my cock was straining inside my pants. Summer through Lexy’s bathing suit top into the pool and it sunk to the bottom. After looking around for a little bit Lexy realized that nobody but her friends could see her so she let her boobies go and resumed trying to tag her friends.

As Lexy ran around her little titties barely moved. They were as hard as rocks! She was only just beginning to grow her boobs so there wasn’t much to bounce anyway. Even with how small they were, though, she looked darling. They matched well with her super petite body.

The next girl to lose her top was Summer. I always had this idea about Summer. She seemed like the kind of girl that gets a thrill from being naked and having other people see her. Summer is a walking definition of an exhibitionist.

Finally both of the girls cornered Kimmie, the redhead. She acted like she didn’t want to lose her top, but you could tell she was just being a flirt. Once she lost her top something I didn’t expect happened. Summer and Lexy bent down and started sucking on Kimmie’s nipples!

Now it was time to break out my cock and start stroking!

As I watched them the girls all took turns being "it" which meant they were the one receiving the tongue lashing from the other two.

summer getting her pussy licked by lexy and kimmie

By the time Summer was cumming I was ready to cum too. But I didn’t want this to be over so soon. Then it hit me. I could get hard again after they switched to the next girl and cum right along with her as well. I let bursts of cum fly. They hit the fence a little louder than I had anticipated. Summer’s moans were loud enough to drown it out though. I would just have to remember the next time to shoot my cum into the dirt.

summer not happy she is not tasting kimmies pussy juice

When Kimmie bared her pussy for the other girls Summer seemed a little upset that Lexy wouldn’t move off of her pussy. She kept licking and sucking away to the point where I thought Kimmie would cum. Summer brightened up a little when she got the kinky idea of sticking two fingers into Lexy’s tight pussy and her thumb up her butt. That had Lexy moaning and humping her hips as much as Kimmie was.

I came with Kimmie and get ready for Lexy’s turn. Both girls spent a lot of time on her small tits before working their way to her pussy. With her legs spread out wide they managed to eat her out at the same time!

Being on my third orgasm I wasn’t ready to cum when Kimmie did, but then I also didn’t have two hot teenagers licking my genitals either. Once Kimmie came the girls realized how much time had past and ran into the house. I figured Summer’s parents must be expected to arrive soon. For a bit I continued to jerk off playing back what I saw in my mind. I actually thought more about the images of their bouncing buns and their sprite titties than anything else.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my wife!

She looked at the cum I had already shot on the fence and into the dirt. Then she brushed me aside looking through the knothole to see what I was looking at. Luckily the girls had already made it inside. She would have freaked if she’d known I was checking out the neighbors teenage daughter. This girl babysat our son before he went to summer camp.

I had to put off that third orgasm until later on that night when my wife went to bed. I had told her that I was checking out the neighbors topless wife, not their kid. In reality I couldn’t get Little Summer out of my head. her perky small breasts and little fanny was etched into my mind.

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/06/12 - Write A Comment!


I knew a girl like Little Summer back when I was in school. She was young and perky in every way. From her springy attitude to her small tits she was perky and could perk you up in a jiffy!

One day we were left alone and she wanted to learn how to play poker. She had seen an episode of Three’s Company where everyone played strip poker at Larry’s apartment and she figured she should learn to play before she got older and would have to play for real.

We started playing and I kept on winning. She wasn’t taking the game seriously enough. To get her to be more serious about winning I sug-gested we should actually have to strip. That way she would work more on strategy.

It worked and she began to win here and there. I actually let her win a few rounds just to keep her from being upset about being the only one naked. Eventually she lost her shirt. literally!

I had a hard time keeping my hardening cock hidden when she lifted up her shirt and exposed her tiny breasts to me. Her nipples we hard and even though her boobs weren’t very big I still wanted to suck on them!

"Oh my God! You have a boner!" She exclaimed, pointing at my hardon.

"I’m sorry, Summer, but your body is sexy and if I didn’t have a boner ‘that’ would be upsetting!" I reasoned.

"I’m not upset, silly! I just didn’t expect it to be so big! Can I see it?" She asked.

"I’ll make you a deal. Who ever wins still has to show the other one what is under their shorts. Okay?"

"OK!" Summer answered emphatically.

On the next hand I used some card tricks to put the aces on the bottom of the deck and I dealt them both to her. I could tell she was super excited and more than ready to play this hand. I bet big and she re-raised me all-in. I called. She flipped over her aces and I lost. Summer looked right down at my still hard cock.

Little Summer yelled out, "Show it to me, baby!"

I stood up so that my crotch was inches from her face and slowly pulled my shorts down. As they passed over the base of my cock it loaded it up like a spring so that once the hem of my shorts got to the head of my cock, my cock popped out!

Summer yelped as my cock flung a drop of pre-cum towards her chest.

"That isn’t."

"No, it’s not pee, Summer. It is like the stuff that your pussy makes to keep things lubricated when you are having sex." I corrected her.

I suggested that she could roll some between her fingers and see how it makes them glide. She did and then I suggested she should taste it so she would know what a man’s cock will taste like. With some hesitation she brought her fingers to her lips and licked them with her tongue.

"Hmm. It doesn’t taste bad at all!" Summer informed me.

I angled my cock in front of her lips and told her to taste it again. She looked at my cock and then she went to bring her fingers up to it. I quickly told her to use her tongue. Summer’s face got contorted for a second and then she seemed to reason with herself that she would be doing this to her husband some day so she had better start getting used to it now.

Summer bent forward and licked the pre-cum from the eye of my cock.

I told her to try sucking on it to see if more would come out and she opened that pretty little mouth of hers to accept my cock into it. My dick wanted to burst all over this teenagers braces!

As she sucked on my cock I used my hand to pump the lower half of my cock. It gently slid a little further into her mouth and she let me develop a rhythm. After about a minute she pulled away to watch me stroke my cock and asked if I was going to cum.

"It needs to cum badly, Summer. My balls hurt because they are so full of sperm!"

This brought out the nurturing part of Summer and she put her mouth back on my cock. As my balls got ready to blow I pulled her face back and jerked my load onto her small tits. Summer sat there on her knees mesmerized by the site of my cum dripping off of her titties.

Once I was done spurting she asked if she could taste the white stuff and I told her it’d be just fine. Summer leaned into me and licked some cum off of my cock. The shock of having her soft warm tongue on my sensitive cock head made me flinch. Being a sly little devil Summer picked up on this and began sucking on my cock head like an infant sucking a bottle.

I moaned and pulled her motor mouth off of me.

Getting back to the good old days is as easy as opening up a browser window and going to Summer and her teenage friends like to play all sorts of naughty games like spin the bottle and truth or dare. They even practice kissing so they will know how to do it right when they finally meet some boys.

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