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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/17/13 - Write A Comment!

small tits

Back in the day I had a friend that couldn’t stop gushing about this girl he met at school. She was from Columbia and she didn’t look like the other "Mexican" chicks. There was something more exotic about her look. Plus, she looked like she was twelve years old or something!

When I laid my eyes on her I didn’t immediately fall for her. My thing at the time was sandy blonde surfer girls. My buddy became chummy with her and she invited all of us over to go swimming at her house. If seeing her in a bikini didn’t make me want her, nothing would.

Her parents house was huge. My buddy and I wondered aloud to each other about whether or not her father was some drug king pin or something. She told us he was a lawyer. We assumed his clients were drug kind pins then.

Once we got to the pool she removed her towel and we were introduced to the thong bikini look. I actually had to sit down because her tanned skin and that Columbian booty of hers was making my dick hard. My buddy sat down as well and gave me a look that said we had stuck gold.


Tobie Teen knew we were tripping on her booty and style of bathing suit. She flashed us a smile and then dove into the pool. While she was under water we were high fiving each other and fist pumping like a heavy metal band on stage. As if on cue we went back to cool, calm and collect once she surfaced.

Our little Columbian beauty wanted to know if we minded if she went topless. There was a dramatic pause while we tried to process what we had just heard. At the same time we both blurted out that it would be just fine. Tobie untied her bikini top and tossed it are way.


When she got out of the pool Tobie’s bikini bottom was almost completely see through. Either she didn’t grow hair yet or she shaved it off because her pussy was. THERE! Bare and there. Not only that her perky small tits were very hard. And. There! They didn’t bounce at all when she walked over to us to get her towel.


Try as we might we could not keep our eyes off of her tiny slit and her boobies. She muttered something about how us American boys only think with our dicks. Then she asked if we were going to swim too. Both of us were rock hard. Getting up was the last thing we wanted to do. I realized if I sprinted to the pool and jumped in they would both be to my backside so they wouldn’t see my hardon. I bolted!

My buddy realized what I was doing and he quickly deduced that if he jumped in before I surfaced he would be able to do the same thing. He bolted for the pool as well.

After we surfaced Tobie’s mother came out of the house wearing a bright yellow bikini. She was the polar opposite of Tobie Teen. Her big tits looked like they were going to spill out of her tiny suit. Her booty was huge, but hard as a rock. It didn’t giggle much when she walked. With her small waist her body made a perfect hourglass.

She stopped next to Tobie and gave her some stern words in Spanish. We had no idea what she said, but it must have been about putting her top back on because she reluctantly fetched it and did so. While she was grabbing it from the ground my buddy and I were treated to a very inviting shot of her young booty.

It took about an hour for us to loose our hardons and get out of the pool with the mother daughter Columbian combo sunning before us. I could tell Tobie’s mother didn’t like us much. I couldn’t blame her. We were both mind fucking her daughter. Shit, we were both mind fucking her and her daughter.

Mind fuck Tobie Teen and her nubile body tonight. Her small tits are so cute with her tan lines. Her little fanny is just plump enough to be a booty without taking over the show.

Tobie does hardcore, softcore and lesbian videos. With a Legal Bait Pass you can get her and all of her friends. Check it out!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/24/12 - Write A Comment!


Would you like to talk true princess material? Tobie Teen grew up thinking she wasn’t pretty enough to get the boys. This caused her to use some gorilla tactics. Boys on her street were privy to some nice flashing once Tobie started growing her still small tits. She was probably the only naked girl most boys had seen up until then and it made the other girls very jealous.

As with most girls that breeze through school on a fuck-the-teacher scholarship, Tobie Teen graduated without much knowledge or skill in anything that didn’t require blowing the person in charge. Transitioning to being a solo model on the Internet just made sense!

With her jailbait looks and her smooth brown skin Tobie has become very popular over at the Legal Bait Pass. Along with her friends Little Lexie and Little Laney you won’t find a better place to enjoy barely legal girls that look young enough to pass for real jailbait!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/29/11 - Write A Comment!



Tobie had such a tough time in school. She is so glad Summer is here and that she can finally put high school behind her. The girls at school always made fun of her small tits. Kids of both sexes harped on her about her princess outfits and girly ways. They always wondered aloud when she was going to grow up!

Guys, who here wants to see Tobie Teen grow up? I, for one, think Tobie should be allowed to explore her fantasies any way she sees fit. If she prefers to be a princess over going to college, so be it! I am not going to kick her off of my cock just because she is a little immature. In fact, I kind of like that part about her!

With Tobie Teen you get access to her friends like Little Lexie and Little Lara. She even gives you access to hardcore sites like Cock Rocking Teens. So explore her immaturity and that of her teenage friends. Then come back here and leave a comment about the wild ride you’ve taken!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/18/11 - Write A Comment!


I was wondering what to put here when my girlfriend walked in and commented on this photo. She said it reminded her of her first time with another girl. The other girl was going to “show her something” that would make her feel awesome. Like she was on drugs, only it was a natural high.

Up until that moment my girlfriend had never had an orgasm. She didn’t even masturbate. After that encounter she began rubbing herself thinking about that girl every night before going to sleep!

Little Lexie is the type of small tits girl that shows other girls an experience they will never forget. Some might call her a trouble maker. I call her God’s gift to girls and boys alike!

Being a bisexual teenager means Little Lexie gets what she wants whether or not she hooks up with a boy. Sometimes she even gets the best of both worlds when a couple decides to take her up on her offer. How cool is that?

You can watch Little Lexie and all of her exploits, plus get unlimited access to all of her friends like Little Lara, Tobie Teen, three more legal bait friends and a multi-girl site Cock Rocking Teens!

Still need more of Lexie? She is a frequent guest of Little Summer and Teen Topanga, plus, with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you get 20 more girls for just a buck!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/30/10 - Write A Comment!


I have been writing about barely legal teens with small tits and budding breasts for years. Somebody finally coined a term to describe them. It’s called, legal bait. Girls that are so barely legal, you’d swear they were jailbait!

Tobie Teen is the newest legal bait to hit the net. If her look seems familiar, it is because previously mentioned sites like Little Lupe, Serena 18, Little Bree, etc, are all run by the same company.

Similarly to those other sites, Tobie Teen gives you access to more than one girl. You also get girls like Little Lexie and Little Lara. Plus, you get access to the multi-model site Cock Rocking Teens!

Personally, Tobie Teen is plenty enough reason for me to want to join!

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