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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/16/07 - Write A Comment!


Girls Kissing
So… you know when you run up two or three flights of stairs and your chest is pounding and your heart feels like it is gonna burst? Well, that is how my dick is behaving right about now. There is something that is so darn sexy about two chicks getting intimate.

While this story is about Andi Pink, it is important to mention that her friend in the gallery above is Ariel Rebel and she has her own website too! Andi and Ariel love to get kinky with each other and appear on each others websites on a regular basis.

Andi’s last name, Pink, is so puuurfect! It accurately describes this teenager beauty to a “T”. Her nipples are pink and her pussy looks like a soft pink rose. I can only imagine the grip that pussy must have. So tight it might even be considered painful! But hey, no pain, no gain right? is like an oasis from the daily grind. A place where you can go and lose yourself. With 136 videos and more added on a weekly basis there is an awful lot of exploring you can do. Plus there is the 359 picture sets. Each week I look forward to seeing what Andi will dress up in this time.

When you get an password you also get access to four more websites. I hope you like chicks in panties and I hope you like lots of nubile teen models… with your password you are going to get heaping spoonfuls of both!

I mentioned Andi Pink’s tight pussy earlier… One way to experience her tightness for real is to get a Fleshlight, the only male sex toy. With Andi and a fleshlight you won’t masturbate the old fashion way ever again!

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