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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/08/06 - Write A Comment!
Torri's Secret - Teens Kissing

Alright, everyone just chill the fuck out!

Nothing to see here… just two smoking hot teens kissing and feeling each other up. I mean, damn… you see shit like this everyday right?

Well, if you worked in my industry, sure… You’d begin to wonder if it is too often. But nope… kissing teens never gets old!

These particular kissing teens are Torri and Mila from and they have sort of a “thing” for each other. Torri is a softcore model and it makes me wonder… why are the softcore models always the hottest models? No matter, I kind’a enjoy the teasing!

The picture sets are out of this world if you like having a teenager tease the cum out of you. The videos are shot homemade style and really capture her amateur appeal well. You can even request a custom shoot.

Torri’s Secret updates twice a week and only charges $25 a month. I say only because most solo models are charging $29.95 or more, so she is giving you a break.

Time for me to go break me a piece off on Torri (or at least dream about it)!


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