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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/31/12 - Write A Comment!


I usually reserve this space for girls with small tits, but today I cannot deny the beauty of Total Super Cuties Amanda! Yes, she has big tits and wide hips. I guess we are just going to have to deal with it right?

Amanda is one of my favorites at Total Super Cuties because she is the spitting image of a girl I grew up with named Christina. We shared some special times in her pool while our parents gave us way too much credit. I love it when parents think of you as siblings while you are thinking of each other as sexual experimentation partners!

Christina and I both shared a common curiosity that centered around our growing sexual parts. For me it was her tits. I used to wonder if they would ever stop growing! And she probably did too, LOL! For her it was my cock and how big it got when I looked at her tits. She always used to comment on it being a lot bigger than her brothers was.

How did she know how big his dick was and why did she think I cared?







That one right there is my favorite shot and I will tell you why. Christina used to shave her pussy and trim up her pubic hair pie. So her wet bathing suit used to camel toe up inside her sexy teen slit!

As you can see Total Super Cuties Amanda is having the same issue with her wet bikini bottoms. For weeks I used to mentally remove those bikini bottoms and jerk off at night thinking about what her pussy must look like based on that crease.

Then one day she pulled her bikini bottoms over and gave me a show. Her pussy looked just as I had suspected! From then on I made it my life’s work to hunt down camel toe and discern what a girls pussy looked like panty/bikini-less!

Total Super Cuties has dozens of young girl next door types. Most of them have small tits, but a few, like Amanda, have huge tits. I am a big fan of variety so I hope you liked this post. Remember to vote for it at the top!

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