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When VioletU was in high school all of the boys complimented her on her eyes. She didn’t think she was that beautiful though. In fact, she thought she was just a plain-Jane kind of girl. What she didn’t know is that the boys were all too nervous to ask her out. They figured she would just turn them down. Violet ended up being alone most nights believe it or not!

Violet thought it was something to do with her. She figured something was wrong with her. To try and make herself stand out she got a tattoo. Sure it made her stand out, but not nearly as much as she thought it would. Guys still didn’t hit on her.

Then VioletU got a laptop with a webcam and she went online. Guys couldn’t get enough of her on her free teen cams. They often tipped her for getting naked and she really began to enjoy all of the attention. She thought it was exciting to feel like a Playboy Playmate for a change.

Now you can enjoy Violet’s webcam shows for free on the largest cam site in the world. Along with the teen cams they have lots of porn stars. Real porn stars! Who is going to direct them all? Hmm?

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