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Watching two girls kissing never gets old. I could watch it for hours so long as it is real. Abby Winters features beautiful girls REALLY kissing. They don’t spit in each others mouths or moan like a banshee. They kiss passionately like girls do when they get home from class and want to blow off some steam with a friend.

My fascination with watching girls kiss started when I was in middle school. I had heard rumors that two girls were getting friendlier than normal. By then I was already getting friendly than normal with girls. I did some thinking and figured I should try looking for them in the places I would have taken a girl without my parents knowing.

Eventually I caught the girls kissing in one of their backyards. They were on the side of the house with no windows and they were not only kissing, they were fondling each others boobies. From where I was I could see them through a hole in the fence without anyone else seeing me on account of being behind a hedge row of bushes.


While I watched the girls played with each others boobs and made motions as if wanting to go lower, but neither of them would take the plunge into her friend’s panties. I got my cock out and stroked myself off quickly not knowing how long this was going to go on for.


Soon the blonde girl pulled her brunette friend’s dress up over her head, removing it and exposing her perky little breasts. My cock got hard again real quick and I resumed my jerking. Next the brunette stripped the blonde down too. They sat in the grass pinching each others hard nipples wearing only their panties. Again they kept bringing their hands down to each others legs and stomachs, but didn’t have the courage yet to explore inside the other girls panties.


Before the girls could get to the next level I heard one of them being called for by her mother. They hurriedly put their dresses back on and exited the side yard.

At Abby Winters there are no pesky parents around to spoil the fun. You get to watch girls with no previous knowledge of each other with curiosity about bi-sexuality explore each other and recount their past explorations with other girls in their lives. The videos are highly erotic and extremely personal.

Members enjoy up to a dozen updates every week. This is one website subscription you won’t want to cancel!

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This video is hot on so many levels. It begins with a cheerleader showing off her white cotton panties. They cling pretty tightly to all of wonderful folds of her pussy. A perfect slit gyrating and sucking those panties in!

Things progress and she takes some time to show introduce you to her firm teenage butt. They also have a hunger for white cotton panties. Just look at how they get sucked up into those cute little teen cheeks!

The video is shot POV style and ends with you lying beneath her as she towers over you. By this time her pussy has really filled itself up on those panties of hers! An extreme camel toe that is made even better once she starts rubbing her pubic mound. around-and-around it goes, where it stops? At the camel toe!

In the end this teen cheerleader is reaching down to help you stroke your cock and shoot cum all over her. You get the sense that this isn’t her first rodeo. Like she really enjoys making boys and her teachers practically insane with lust over her. She wants you to cum!

Panty Girlfriends is FILLED with amazing videos like the one above. Girls tease you and completely dominate you in your dreams. If you like getting told what to do by a half-naked girl in panties this site is for you!

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This mound, gap, panty shot is brought to you by the small tits teen Private School Jewel. Her site is filled with both pictures and videos of her panty teasing!

With Private School Jewel you get a teen with spunk, attitude and perky tits! So perky she doesn’t need to wear a bra and in many sets she doesn’t so, her equally perky nipples shine on through!

Take the tour and imagine this uninhibited teenager stroking your off into her panties after she cums by grinding her cute little clit into the base of your cock cowgirl style!

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