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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/06/13 - Write A Comment!


Sometimes a girl has to use a little improvisation to get her point across. This girl from Sweet Apples wants to get laid. To let her boyfriend know she wants to get laid she improvised a Playboy Bunny costume by using the stuff she already had in her home. One look at her and he knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to lose her virginity in a bad way!

Lets break down her costume shall we? We will go from head to toe. She started off with some white nylons she got one year with a Christmas dress. Or was it Easter? Who cares. they look a lot sexier on her now than they did back then. That is for sure!

Right after that she repurposed her leotard from dance class. Girls in leotards are always cute. It is why the gymnastics portion of the Olympics gets so many guys to watch. That and female diving. Oh, and don’t get me started on female water polo. Those girls are constantly pulling each others bathing suit tops over trying to get the ball!

The next thing in line on her bunny outfit is a fuzzy bowtie. She got that from her mom’s collection. Lord knows how many sex sessions that thing has seen!

Finally she has those rabbit ears that tie this costume together. Without those we might not make the connection and she might not get laid. Just kidding. The white leotard was plenty enough to get her laid.



Sure, she is missing a little cotton tail to put the final touch on her fuck-me-now-please bunny costume, but who is going to tell her she missed it? Kind of hard to do with her young titty in your mouth. Better to keep your mouth clamped around her nipple and power through it.




I wish I could show you the entire photo on this last shot. God is her pussy hungry! It is eating her leotard just enough to let you know exactly what her pussy looks like without you even having to see it naked. You can also tell she shaves.

At Sweet Apples they have dozens more photos of her as she slowly removes her costume to reveal the perkiest little titties you will ever see. Her pussy is as smooth as a babies bottom. Well, as smooth as her bottom actually.


How’d you like to bounce a quarter off of that little tushy?


Well. Are you going to deny her?

Don’t be a douche. Tour Sweet Apples and show this girl some love. Did I mention the video? You have to see the video!

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