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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/25/08 - Write A Comment!


Ohh man! I saw this photo and it instantly brought back some great memories of a strange girl I dated while in school.

While my girlfriend was a blonde, Harmony 18 is a brunette. Pretty much everything else about them was similar. They both have great bodies and pert tits. Of course every girl in school has pert tits. Well, almost all of them anyway…

She lived with her parents both worked so that left us plenty of time after classes to do the freak nasty. Or make that, the freaking nastiest shit I had ever seen. She was the only girl I ever met that asked me to fist her! But like Harmony18 she had too tight of a pussy. She could fist herself though. She had much smaller hands then I did.

Fists weren’t the only things she fucked and her pussy wasn’t the only thing she put things into. She told me that when she masturbated she liked to put a magic marker in her ass. I said, "Prove it," and she did! She said the extra stimulation was amazing when she orgasmed.

I got to see her fuck just about every vegetable imaginable and even a few fruits. She put just about every phallic shaped tube in the bathroom inside that vagina of hers. She even tried the kitchen utensils. I had to call off the relationship when she tried putting everything in my ass. I am more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist. isn’t about putting things up Harmony’s ass, but when it happens… the camera are rolling! Harmony is a self professed sex addict. She gets off sharing her sexual exploits online with her members. Strange how guys hide masturbation for the most part and girls go out looking for people to watch them!

Along with masturbation videos you also get to see her sucking cock. Harmony18 is an equal opportunist so she doesn’t say no to having a girlfriend or two either. It isn’t often you find a solo model this hot and doing hardcore. But then, Harmony18 is truly exceptional!

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