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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/28/06 - Write A Comment!
Northern Orchid Creamed

I have so much to say and I am at a loss of words… [sigh]

Hmmm… Ooops? I think that says it perfectly…

You have never seen this girl before! That is because up until now she didn’t have a website. This is the grand opening of a new teen solo model site called and we here at Rhino’s Girls we figured we could make a blog entry and help spread the word!

Northern Orchid uses new technology for their videos. You have probably heard of HDTV. Well, she uses HDV (High Definition Video) and WOW does it make a difference!

Orchid has a tight surfer girls body that is to die for. On the tour she is in a bathing suit top and a hiked-up skirt and fuck me silly is it amazing! On the credit card join page is another picture of Orchid doing her best schoolgirl impression. It is so fucking right on that it conjures up fond memories of that girl on Charles in Charge.

And now for the grand fucking finale, if you pay by credit card there is a 3 day trial for $2.95! This is basically unheard of in solo model sites!

But wait! There is more! Northern Orchid’s passwords also work on her sister site,! Here is a quick snapshot of Tiny Vi’s tender young pussy below:

Tiny Vi Tender Young Pussy

My fucking mouth is salvating already!

Find More Northern Orchid!

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