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When Little Laney and Little Lexie laid their eyes on the new recruit to the cheerleading squad they thought they noticed her checking them out. Was she a bisexual girl too? There was only one way for them to find out. Sleepover party!

The girls invited what they hoped would be their newest victim and were happy when she accepted. The party was going to be at Laney’s house and her parents were going to be out all night at a wedding reception. Since her parents liked to party she didn’t expect them to come home until early the next morning.

Both blonde girls wore something skimpy hoping to elicit some more looks from Young Yasmin. It worked. When Lexie’s shorts rode up so far while she sat Indian style that her panties showed Yasmin couldn’t stop from taking little peeks here and there.

Laney pretended to "catch" her brunette friend and asked her just what she thought she was doing. Yasmin’s face went beet red. She was sure nobody else was like her in the world. Surely no other girls at her school were interested in kissing with girls.

Then Lexie and Laney shocked their new friend by kissing each other only inches away from her face. Yasmin could feel her clit getting hard and her pussy getting wet. In only a few seconds she couldn’t already tell her panties were drenched!

To her surprise both girls pulled off their shirts to expose their naked small tits. Next they turned their attention to Yasmin as they pulled her shirt over her head before diving into her breasts with their tongues flicking her sensitive nipples.

Yasmin had never went down on a girl before and wondered if this was going to be the night. It felt so exciting and kinky to be naked with two other girls in the front room of the house. The idea that somebody might catch them only heightened the exhilarating feelings already pumping through her tingling body.

By the time the night was over the girls did something all of them had never done before. They formed a lesbian train licking each others pussies at the same time. As the years went by they would eventually assemble a train eight girls long!

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