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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/03/09 - Write A Comment!


So you are shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island. After several days of existing on nothing but coconuts and saliva you are losing hope. Then you go down to the bay to once again try and fish and there she is. Selina 18 is a native girl that was some how left behind!

Two things go through your mind. Can she cook and does she swallow? Who knows, maybe this could be better than the Hawaiian vacation you are missing out on with that fat slug you invited.

As it turns out this barely legal, fuck-wonder needs a hard throbbing cock to satisfy that fire in her loins and you are the perfect candidate to put that fire out! (breeeeeath)

Grab your very own Selina 18 pass and start living the dream. Or better yet, grab a Tiny Teen Pass and start enjoying 12 sites for the price of one. Or even better, take the $1 trial and enjoy the pass for up to two days before you commit!

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