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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/22/06 - Write A Comment!
Gina Milano Bikini Teen

I think I am starting to notice a pattern here… About 70% of you like girls who LOOK 18yo… You cannot be fooled. I cannot post a girl who is obviously 22yo and tell you she is 19yo because you think I am an idiot when I do such a thing. It is an insult to your intelligence.

OK.. With that in mind, this is Gina Milano. She is "18yo"… Sure… OK, I think she is really 20yo but she says she is 18yo on her website so who am I to say she isn’t? I can either insult your intelliegence or insult a lady by telling her she is older than her stated age. I am sure you know the drill by now, never ask a woman her true age…

So… The girl on is 18yo and named Gina and that is the story I am going to stick to…. Speaking of stick’in, I wouldn’t mind putting a stick in Gina’s ass. I don’t want to ass bang every girl that comes down the pike (he said pike), but for Miss Milano I would make an exception… or should I say asseption since I am drunk…. and horny…

Gina has a knack for looking hot and looking like a young teen in a bikini. Some sets she looks too young to be in porn. Others she looks too hot to be in porn. But either way we get to enjoy the fact that she likes to show off her naked body to us. Three cheers for Gina!

Gina is also from the 40 website network I’ve been touting for the last week. Scroll down and read other posts to see what I am talking about on that one. I have no fucking idea how these people make any money because shooting unique content for 40 websites is fucking insanely expensive. But they must because you guys are buying memberships up the ass. (he said up [Gina’s] ass)…

Side note.. anyone wanna leave me a good link to the rules on to, too and two? I’d like to get that settled in my mind once and for all. I am sure I fucked that up repeatedly in this post.

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One thought on “Gina Milano Teen Bikini”

  1. hi actully u asexy girl but i dont think so. looking so beautiful

    Comment by ahmedsheem — February 23, 2006 @ 7:58 am

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