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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/25/06 - Write A Comment!

Why do pictures of hot chicks looking into their monitors with a webcam trained on them give me a boner? This is something we will probably never get to know… One of lifes mysteries… But I am not going to get all teary eyed over it – instead I am going to ask this girl to marry me! Sure, she is going to shoot me down, and I won’t even say "probably shoot me down," I will say that she definately will. But I don’t care about that either because I am going to fuck her in so many way in my mind that I will go to bed tonight a happy man!

Her name is Samantha Dawn and she is one hell of an Asian hottie. She runs her own webcam at and you can talk her out of her clothes and possibly into giving you a free show. I love getting cam girls to do more than they are supposed to. I once got a chick so hot she decided, "Fuck IT! And grabbed the closest dildo and did just that!" Haha!

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