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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/28/06 - Write A Comment!
Fetish By Anna Frankie

The thing I hate about all of the fetish pornsites on the net is the girls are usually ugly as sin and only worthy of a doggy-bag.

So a buddy of mine tells me about a fetish site with all hot chicks and crisp images with videos. I decided to give it a wurl as a skeptic and see if it can pass muster. Perhaps it can even show me that my view of fetish sites is too black and white.

The website he was talking about is called Fetish by Anna. Good because now I know who to hold accountable if it sucks ass.

When I first got to I was blown away by the attention to details. Most fetish websites are so amateur, but not Fetish by Anna. This site is all about hot chicks, digital cameras and high quality photography. The slogan for is “only good looking girls,” and they aren’t kidding.

But perhaps even better is Anna’s idea of fetish. It isn’t just strickly bondage. This website also encompasses Stockings, Lesbians, Latex and Glamour, so everyone is getting their full dollars worth!

Fetish by Anna is all about personality. The girls are fresh and totally fuckable. As I said before, special attention is paid to quality. But don’t worry, there is also quantity, like as in updates 4 – 5 times a week and sometimes even more!

What kind of quality are we talking about? That pierced pussy you are looking at belongs to a girl named Frankie. She is hot and blonde. Click on that pierced pussy and you can see the rest of Frankie.

Don’t miss the video trailer and the fetish pictures in the tour. So fucking hot!

If you like lesbian girls kissing, lots of glamour, sexy stockings and you enjoy watching hot chicks masturbate with dildos, then you will definitely enjoy your membership at So get your membership today!

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