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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/07/06 - Write A Comment!

So I was online looking through some of the sites that meatmembers has, so I can promote them when I came across You are all probably thinking what the fuck is a that all about, who the fuck has a site called This site is all about the dopiest looking white boy ever taking random sluts and when I mean sluts I mean sluts, all of these girls want to try and make it big in the adult industry a.k.a porn, and fucking the shit out of them.

Take the hot little teen out in the pic, her name is Mindy Lee she is a18 year old blonde whore that had aspirations of making it big in the porn industry, she thought she had found the missing link that would get her where she wanted to go when she met frankwank online on her myspace. Little did she know that frankwank is all about taking whores like herself and just hitting it and quitting it and that is exactly what he did to mindy lee.

After telling Mindy Lee that he had found her an audition, she was all over it. It turns out the audition was at his buddies house and the movie being shot was all about how they were going to fuck her tight pussy and when they where done, kick her ass to the curb.

So it turns out this site frankwank is actually pretty fucking funny, if you like to see hot sluty bitches get fucked like crazy and then given the curb side treatment. It is totally worth the money just to see all the hot bitches he has on there.


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One thought on “Mindy Lee”

  1. I knew this girl growing up and fucked her friend over her. good thing bc now shes a slut butso was her friend

    Comment by HAha man — November 27, 2006 @ 2:23 am

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