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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/05/06 - Write A Comment!
Milton Twins Kissing

Oh, come one! Bullshit, since when is watching chicks kissing a bad thing?

Ohh… It isn’t? OK, well, then here are the Milton Twins kissing yet another blonde hottie! This time it is in the backseat of daddy’s car.

So being a guy you already know that banging twins is pretty high up there on life’s to-do-list. But, did you know that for bisexual girls it is also high up on their list too? Damn that fact gives me a raging boner!

Yup, hot chicks would prefer to kiss twins over just having a pair of teen girls to kiss.

The Milton Twins are still mixing shit up on their site Don’t get them confused with Paris Hilton, unlike Paris these girls actually fuck on screen. You have probably seen them on a few other websites doing cameos. Now you can see all of their sexual exploits in one location,!

In the episode above the girls take a ride and get a little frisky with their blonde friend. Their friend is wondering if she has died and gone to twin bisexual heaven when these twins are kissing her nipples at the same time. She is all to eager to let them put their hands in her panties and rub her moist pussy. Eventually she gets both of their tongues on her clit at the same time!

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