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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/25/06 - Write A Comment!
Brooke Anderson The Life of Riley

Talk about living the life of Riley! Damn this dude is a lucky son of a bitch. I just met him on the net about an hour ago. He was asking if I could feature him and his wife on Rhino’s Girls. Checked out his wife, Brooke and said… YEAH! Hell yeah! Fuck Yeah!

Turns out he and his wife are swingers. They decided to open a website and eventually the whole thing blossomed into a full blown phenomenon. So how does a fling turn into a Teen Swing? Read on!

Brooke Anderson and her lucky hubby Grant decided to take some photos and videos of their love making exploits and put them on the net. You know the deal, to make some cold hard cash. (Hotel Heiress)

Then some chick asks if she can fuck Grant and Brooke says sure! But, there is one condition, you have to lick me too and we get to put the video on the net. Next thing you know there are all kinds of people asking to fuck and suck this couple… one thing led to another…

You have probably read my entry on Sammy4u and Raven Riley by now, well, turns out Brooke got some Sammy4u for herself too! Check out the tour page and read all about it.

But wait, there is more, she didn’t just get Sammy, she got Rio of too!

Like I said, lucky stud, man!

They archived all of the videos of their swinging ways over at Teen-Swing .com. Videos are all about clarity and these videos aren’t the dark washed out shit from the 70’s and 80’s, these are clear and full of action. Updates happen weekly and include a gratuitous amount of lesbian action too.

Want to know how the real players play? Get your very own pass and take some notes!

Find More Brooke Anderson!

One thought on “Teen Swing Brooke Anderson”

  1. I live everything
    Thank so much

    Comment by gunkawinn — November 16, 2008 @ 7:18 am

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