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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/01/07 - Write A Comment!
Taylor Twins

OK, sure they have above average sized forheads… But they also have above average sized asses too! I think that out-weighs any forhead problems any day of the week.

The Taylor Twins are my New Years gift to all of my loyal readers. They would just like to make one request, "Bookmark this blog you fucking retard!"

Thanks, ladies, but really… Is that kind of tone necessary? I mean, people who read this blog aren’t retarded, they just don’t know how to be somewhere else on New Years Eve… Sheesh… You don’t need to remind them!

These two ladies have a lot going for them… First off, I dig chicks that wear their moms lingerie when mom isn’t home. Think about this: Mom must be one hot fucking bitch if she is wearing this stuff!

Back to the twins… I love satin panties and I love it when I get both black and pink on twins even more. This gallery and just about every gallery on is like a twins fantasy come true!

Just about the only problem with this site is it is no longer updated. So it is a buy it once and don’t let it rebill. But if you are into twins and have a thing for kinky sisters, get your membership now!

Find More Taylor Twins!

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