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Asian Teen Cris Taliana

Cris Taliana of

Sure General Tso’s Hoes is a strange name for a website. The name comes from the Chinese dish General Tso’s Chicken. It is said that General Tso never actually ate such chicken, but for the sake of this review, let’s pretend he ate the chicken because it smelt like fish. has more Asian pussy packed in it than a sushi bar. And no, it isn’t that stinky smelly pussy your dad ate in Hanoi, this pussy is ultra fresh and as tasty as Tsingtao beer without the bitter after taste.

If you have a thing for the Asian persuasion, this is your new hang-out. These girls go all the way and then double back around and go it again, in full length videos!

They say that Asians aim to please… For these hot asian babes it is all about aiming for the money shot and letting it explode. There is something so incredibly wholesome about the sight of an Asian girl with your cum load drizzling out of her mouth and dripping off her cute little asian chin.

Act now and you get a sweet bonus, access to the hottest new teen cum shots website,! With so many cum guzzling bitches at your disposal your balls will need a rotation schedule!

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