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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/18/07 - Write A Comment!
Elizabeth dormgirls

On your way back to your dorm room after a long night of studying you see a cute coed girl in a short little plaid skirt and tight top walking down the hall. She stops and asks you what you are doing up so late. When you tell her you were studying she asks you for some quick help with her Biology. Before you can say no she takes you by the hand and leads you into her dorm room.

The second the door is closed off comes the skirt and the top and you suddenly realize that this girl is fucking hot! She bends over and shows you that perfect, round, tight coed ass and says she needs you to check her out and see if she is okay. As you take a step forward she says she needs your cock inside her right now! You’re not even halfway across the room before your pants are around your ankles..

The girls at Dorm Angles are all hotties like Elizabeth that love to explore their wild side and show off their super tight bodies. These girls are only 18,19 or 20. They aren’t old enough to drink, but they are old enough to fuck.

If their parents knew what these horny little sluts wereup to they would cancel their tuition and bring them home.

With all exclusive content, Dorm Angles brings you the hottest coeds from around the country getting naked, getting wild with other girls and getting hardcore fucked!

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