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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/09/07 - Write A Comment!
Liz Vicious

I am not a complete sleezball. Emphasis on complete. I am like any other warm blooded male and even a few females out there. It saddens me when a good girl goes bad. But it also chums the water and like any other predatory animal I heed the call.

Liz Vicious isn’t just any good girl gone bad. She is a hot good girl gone bad and they makes this call double hard not to heed!

There is no mistake about it, this girl looks young. Barely legal young. She has small tits and the sweetest face… anyone would fall victim to her charms.

Liz is more than just a solo model. She is an addiction. An addiction that is fed by her desire to please… and not just me, she wants to please us all. Can I share? Do I have a choice? No… and sometimes the mental bondage feels so damn seductive! is her home away from home. She basically lives her life on the net and this is her address. Like most goth girls, Liz is hardcore to the bone… unlike most solo models out there, Liz is hardcore to the bone! She harbors no inhibitions when it comes to sex, especially taboo sex acts. And that is the fuel for the addiction that is Liz Vicious.

Her website updates two times a week with this 19 year old teens nude pics and videos. She also does webcam shows and live appearances. Look for her at a nudie theater near you!

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One thought on “Liz Vicious – Going Going Gone”

  1. If she do hardcore interracial, or at least whit a really hung guy ’cause the weener who fuck her can’t do a shit whit his little Hook

    Comment by Fer — March 8, 2008 @ 6:53 am

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