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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/12/07 - Write A Comment!
Night Invasion

Warning: This website contains content only a true pervert would enjoy viewing. If you are one of those perverts, keep reading, if not, move along!

So I am looking for something to post and I come across the most perverted website on the internet. A website that caters to some of the deepest, darkest desires of man. Sex with sleeping women. He likes to call them Night Invasions.

The guy that runs isn’t any different than you or me, he just has the balls to bring his fantasy to the Internet. And what a nice guy he is for doing so. Each week he enters the room of a sleeping teen girl. Sometimes they are college coeds and other times just some random chick he finds in bars, clubs, etc.

While the girls are sleeping he disrobes them. Upon getting them naked he touches their nipples, making them hard. He rubs their bums and massages their inner theighs. Sometimes you can see their pussy juice running down their legs as they are getting turned on, while sleeping!

Eventually he smears some of that pungent pussy juice over their clits and gives them a little rub. The girls moan in pleasure believing this is all a dream. If he feels daring enough he will slip a finger inside her warm soft pussy.

At the end of the encounter he will try to feed his cock to her. Sometimes he successfully gets it into her mouth for a few strokes. Other times he just lets his precum glisten off of her lips. Occasionally he actually gets a girl to stay their long enough to cum in her mouth!

Talk about your unique website ideas. This one is so good it is sick. So perverted it is brilliant. The guy also runs 8 more sites with similar brilliance and he gives you access to all of them when you join any one of them.

I can sense your heart pounding already! Go get your Night Invasion password now!

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