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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/21/07 - Write A Comment!
Teenage Queen

The next time you have a conversation with God can you thank him for me? What better creation is there than teenage angst? None, I tell you and Sexy Lette is the living definition of teenage angst!

Forget, if you will, that the webmaster running her website has no design sense what so ever. When it comes to making free hosted galleries (the page you go to when you click her picture above… yeah… those are called FHG’s)… I think my dog could have thrown something together with more pizzazz!

Lucky for Lette and us as well, the webmaster didn’t design her actual website. And because he didn’t design it, rocks! Make sure you turn down your speakers because the movie trailer starts on its own. Right away you get the sense that this girl is going to be big. No… not fat big. Pornstar big. She is one of those girls that labeled herself a slut. You gotta love those kinds of girls!

Sexy Lette just opened up in July so a few kinks are being worked out. But the main portions of the website are up and running. In particular the pictures and videos are working just fine but the tour isn’t updating properly to show you the new stuff in the previews.

Lette isn’t for the timid. She does everything in high definition and she likes to abuse herself for your amusement. A softcore model she is not and that is exactly why you are going to love her!

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