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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/06/07 - Write A Comment!
Emily18 - Hit That Shit!
Emily 18

Go ahead… Tell me about how you wouldn’t hit that shit. Tell me how Emily 18 looks too young for you. You lying sack of perverted shit! You mean to tell me that Emily could have her small tits and girly panties showing and you wouldn’t hit it because she looks barely legal? Bullshit, mother fucker!

The truth is, you are just as perverted as the rest of us. The truth is that you have thought about girls like Emily18 before. Fun, carefree, flirty! The truth is you are thinking about Emily’s barely legal body right now and you have every right to.

Emily was born with one of those bodies that never ages. She looks just as young and fresh as the day her site opened. The only difference between now and that first day is that she is even wilder than ever before. Now you get to see more of her and you even get Emily with her girlfriends. does three new updates a week. Each new video is hotter than the last. Each new picture set gets even more daring. All the while Emily is teasing the cum out of you. You can even talk to her on her message board and share incites with other devoted fans!

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