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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/17/07 - Write A Comment!

It has been a while and I feel like I owe you all a big helping spoonful of Chloe 18 to make it up to you. I’d love to tell you some cool story about where I have been but there is none. Well.. Actually there is but I can’t tell you about it. NO, I wouldn’t have to kill you or anything like that… Just a non-disclosure agreement says my lips must stay sealed…

So… Chloe-Fucking-18. How long has it been now? Hold on whilst I look it up… OK… 2… almost 3 years!

What??? I can hear the new surfers already… Yes, Chloe  is now Chloe 20 and going on 21. Hey, look at it this way, now you can buy her a drink legally!

To all of the new surfers out there, I run a no bullshit style of blog. So I killed your little fantasy about banging an 18 year old. They can’t all be 18 (forever)…

Random Trivia Time… Chloe isn’t the original Chloe! Yes, for almost an entire year Chloe was someone else. Where is she now? Who fucking cares… The original never released any content of the original Chloe so we will never know exactly what we were missing. Just some vague place holder for the web site with someone else’s picture. is your friend!

Our Chloe is a dream come true. Sexy and athletic with small tits and a tight, firm ass. She is bisexual and can’t keep her fingers out of her panties. What more could you want? updates twice a week. You get crisp, clear videos with those pics. You get guests with Chloe and without. Chloe likes receiving your Emails and she likes fulfilling your requests. Damn she is an obedient babe isn’t she? Too bad we can’t all marry her!

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