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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/08/07 - Write A Comment!

Andi on a bicycle.

Ohh my sweet Andi Pink… Let me count the ways that I love you!

Out of all of the girls on Rhino’s Girls, Andi gets the most comments. Usually they are about her cute shaved beaver. A close second is the comments on how undeniably hot she is. Her face, her smooth skin, her hot body… her open mouth pics… Man… could you imagine your cock in that cute little warm mouth of hers.

This particular gallery reminds me of someone in my past though and I thought I would share that will you. This girl lived a few doors down and she was the first girl I ever had sex with. She looked remarkably like Andi Pink. But, then again, don’t they all at that age?

Anyway, she was a frisky tease. She taught me to jack off when I went to bed so she would know I was thinking about her and what we were doing. On occasion she would do things like ride by with no panties on and lift her naked butt up so I could get a full view of her sugar and spice. Sometimes it worked like foreplay and we’d go off some where so we could fool around. Other times I’d go off by myself and dream of her smooth pussy on my cock.

One day she was riding her bike kind of funny. Like really rubbing on it. No one was around and she didn’t know I was watching so I hid and watched her. Eventually she stopped the bike but her hips didn’t stop at all. They got faster! She started sweating and moaning and almost fell over. She hed just masturbated her clit on her bicycle seat. I couldn’t believe it!

I went home and whacked off three times in a row.

Seeing Andi Pink riding her bike totally reminded me of that day. It was the first time I ever saw a girl masturbate infront of me. Pretty wild stuff.

I know you like Andi’s smooth pussy. You can see it in depth and more often with an Andi Pink password.

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Andi Pink

One thought on “Andi Pink – Bicycle Masturbation”

  1. andipinkvery hot and saweet

    Comment by rashid — December 26, 2010 @ 12:43 am

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