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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/05/07 - Write A Comment!

Hustler G String

To me, that looks damn inviting. When a girl wears this type of thong, she wants to get laid. She might now know it right now… but she will after a few beers.

That marvelous cocktail napkin belongs to Kari Sweets. Actually, I have seen cocktail napkins bigger than that. But, lets focus more on the flesh it is covering instead.

For those of you that don’t know who Kari Sweets is, she is the Internets most successful non-nude model of all time. Sure, porn and the net have only been in cahoots for about six good years now but that is plenty of time for anyone to catch up. No one has. Non-nude is a tough sell but Kari doesn’t seem to have a problem doing it.

Why is nonnude such a tough sell? Fuck if I know! hits on several different niches at the same time. Perhaps that is why she doesn’t have a hard time selling.

First, there is the panty niche. Nothing makes a panty fetish sweeter than never seeing the pussy. It is always just out of sight. That illusive brass ring you will spend your life and hard earned cash searching for.

Next, along with being one hell of a panty model, Kari is also a foot fetish queen. She eats with her toes, sucks her toes and keeps her feet soft and sexy. Her legs are hot and her ass is even hotter. Kari’s ass is pleasantly plump with a firmness that is unmistakably sexy.

If you are tired of watching teens that are 25 years old masturbate to a fake orgasm with a pussy that looks like it has been around the block a few times too many, get a Kari Sweets password. Sex fetishes don’t get any sweeter than Kari Sweets!

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Kari Sweets

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