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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/29/07 - Write A Comment!
Her Secret Pics

Ladies, if you are going to take secret pics of yourself naked, keep them secret or they are not going to stay secret for very long!

Each and everyday, girls around the world "experiment" with their taboo side and take naked pics of themselves. This is all fine and dandy but what happens when those pics get into the wrong hands? Speaking from experience, bad things happen!

It all starts out happy, happy, joy, joy. Girl gets new camera for Christmas, girl takes risky pics of herself. First just bra and panty shots. Then she pulls the panties a little to reveal her shave job. Next she loses the bra. She tries a few in the shower. She tries to mimic the poses she has seen in her brothers Playboy magazines. Soon she is hooked!

That is where we come in. Perhaps she shows us her secret pics. Or maybe we stumble on her secret pics by accident. OR, we go hunting for them!

I came across some secret pics of my girlfriend once. One pic was very much like the shower one above. I coveted that pic! The only way that pic was leaving my possession was by prying it from my cold, dead hands!

I masturbated to that pic on a daily basis. I imagined myself in there with her. Licking those hardened nipples. Feeling her warm, wet body next to mine. I could smell the soap and the shampoo. But then…

She broke up with me for another guy!!! I tried so hard to keep the images of her having sex with him out of my mind. It drove me insane and in a snap moment of insanity I let that pic go. At a party. It got passed around and she was so embarrassed. But now… I long for that pic. Why did I let it go? I was so stupid!

Lucky for me we got back together eventually and she even made me a masturbation video! Sure, we ended up going our separate ways, but that video is still part of my collection. I won’t make the same mistake as last time. This time, she is mine forever. When I meet guys she is dating now I always reserve a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that I have that video. But I still long for her secret pics!

While I can never get her secret pics back I can enjoy everyone else’s pics! At you get to see thousands of girls who have submitted their secret pics (or had an ex-boyfriend do it for them). Updates come in not just daily, but hourly! Along with her secret pics you also get her secret videos. Sorry, my girlfriends masturbation video will stay in my possession but there are 100’s of others.

One of the best qualities of this web site is the quality of the girls submitted. We are talking 10’s, 9’s, 8’s, 7’s and a few 6’s but nothing 5 and under. No dogs that cause you to go soft and quickly turn the page. The guys sending these pics in are just like you and me. They are in the trenches and they understand this niche because they make up the foundation of this niche!

At under $25 is a great price for an awesome and growing collection. They are currently running a promo that gives you an extra week free. Who knows… I might decide to make that video public before your membership runs out! (sorry babe!)

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Her Secret Pics

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