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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/05/08 - Write A Comment!


Look familiar? She should. She is the girl next door, Kimmy. The high school graduate with some time off for summer before she goes off to college.

Before Kimmy Teen goes she has a few things she needs to get off of her chest. First, she has had a crush on you since she moved in and now that she is eighteen she wants to work on getting to know you better. Second, Kimmy has been thinking some pretty naughty thoughts about her school mates. She has been having a hard time not checking out the other girls in the shower after her volleyball games. And yes, she saw you up there in the crowd when they won the championship.

Kimmy hasn’t been with a guy yet but, you can see her girl/girl pics at Along with a bisexual steak, Kimmy also has a self examination streak. Lately she has been sticking all sorts of things up inside of her pretty little pussy.

Kimmy Teen and her friends get 100% nude. The pix are high resolution and you can see them on her tour. The second and third pages are the best. Up close pics of her tight pussy. Amazing photography and an even better pussy.

Members also get access to her friends sites. You can read about them by clicking their names, LanasFantasies, Debbie Teen, Little Danni, Busty Alli and more!

One thought on “Kimmy Teen – Girl Next Door”

  1. Hey! Hi Kimmy, you have really impressed me, babe.
    Will You marry Me?

    Comment by iamthebeast — April 16, 2008 @ 5:37 am

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