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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/19/08 - Write A Comment!


I can vividly remember the first time I saw a girl in the same pose Emily18 is in right now. It was at a friends house and his sister didn’t seem to understand the concept of closing the bathroom door. Just about everybody knew she did this and plenty of guys shared stories of what they saw.

They moved into our neighborhood after living out in the boonies so she never had to be modest with no one around. After all, her brother was grossed out by her naked body. But we weren’t. Though I never did see her naked, this was plenty.

Emily 18 is right about the same size as she was and they both shared the same cup size. Back then small boobs were big enough boobs since I hadn’t started college yet. I had never seen anything bigger than a C cup.

Her panties stuck to her clingy butt just like Emily’s too! Oh how I fantasized about that sweet little ass of hers. Once when she was laying out by the pool in suntan lotion I rubbed one out watching her. They lived a few doors down and behind our house so my second story window had a perfect view of her lovely butt. With my dads binoculars the view got even better.

Looking back it seems like she wanted us to see her. Even when she heard us walk by she wouldn’t close that damn door. It used to piss her brother off that we thought his sister was hot. Poor guy. is full of photo sets and videos that take me back to those barely legal times. Her body is perfect. She has a chunky little butt and a perfect set of small tits. Her face is fresh and sweet looking. But don’t take my word for it. Check out this Emily 18 site and see for yourself!

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