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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/06/08 - Write A Comment!

Kimmy Teen is just your average college bound teen.

She just left high school, became legal and she is wondering what this whole sex thing is all about. Kimmy passed the time during summer vacation by going to the beach.

This year something was different. Her pussy hair was growing in much coarser than ever before. So, Kimmy Teen decided to trim down her pussy hair and shave a little more than was required to wear a bathing suit. She was introduced to the idea of completely shaving around her pussy hole when she found a porn magazine her ex-boyfriend hadn’t  hidden properly.

Everything down there felt so soft. Her pussy juice seemed to make her finger tips glide better across the tender folds. Kimmy became conscious of the fact that she enjoyed tickling herself down there when she talked to her ex-boyfriend on the phone. She also found herself doing this when she was talking to her best friend for life, Alli! During Kimmy’s last call to Alli she had to hang up because she didn’t want to give away her labored breathing. She came just as soon as she hung up the phone!

Being barely legal, Kimmy Teen is always getting some silly requests from her members. They include things like letting guys look up her skirt while she is accidentally exposing too much lip of her bald pussy. Without any hair it is easy to make out her tender labia. updates three times a week and occasionally they answer a members request with a special shoot. Often, her friends join Kimmy and that is when things get really wild. Get a pass and start reading her diary today!

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