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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/18/08 - Write A Comment!

Don’t believe, even for a second, that Ashley Roberts of Amateur Upskirts doesn’t know she is giving you a show. Schoolgirls do this all the time.

“Oops, could you see up my skirt?”

Bullshit! You know full well that we can see up your skirt! You did this all on purpose. Letting us see your cotton panties that just happened to fall to the side exposing a hint of your pussy.

Way back when, I had a girl that used to come over to my pad all the time and she would do this scam. At the time I didn’t know it was a scam. I thought she genuinely didn’t know I was looking. I figured she had no idea she was giving me full view of her crotch. That is, until the day she “caught me”.

After the tenth time a schoolgirl lets her skirt ride up and exposes a pretty pair of panties clinging to her bottom you start to get a little too confident. You get carried away.

My Ashley Roberts clone was facing the TV lying on her stomach and her pussy lip was barely exposed. I couldn’t help myself. I started rubbing my cock. First outside my shorts and then I pulled the leg up a bit and rubbed the head. I was amazed with how much precum I had coming out.

A few more leg lifts… An itch right where her panties exposed part of her pussy without fixing her panties to cover herself… I lost my mind and pulled my shorts leg up higher and stroked my cock out in the open. It felt so good and I closed my eyes for a second…

Wrong move… Ashley turned around and caught me mid-stroke working my cock. She wasn’t looking at me, she was looking at my now wet hand wrapped around my now wet dick. My dick throbbed uncontrollably and her face lit up like that was the coolest thing she had ever seen. I tensed my cock to make it throb again and elicited another brow bump. This time with a smile included.

From that point on my Ashley Roberts would initiate our sexual encounters by exposing herself to me in seemingly covert ways. We never actually dated but, we did become friends with benefits. When we weren’t dating anyone else we would go to public places like baseball games and she would give me some amazing views. I’d get so hot we’d make a detour on the way home for a hotel. has 60 hours of DVD quality video. I love this place because I can relive those Ashley Roberts moments all over again. Anytime I want. Plus, they have plenty of pictures so I can zoom into those panties if I want to.

There are two updates a week at Amateur Upskirts and members get access to their sister site, Pantyhose Amateurs. Also, you get access to the princess of barely legal, Michelle Lynn!

Got a panty fetish? You need Amateur Upskirts!

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