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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/30/08 - Write A Comment!

If ever there were a teen made for making babies, Alison Angel would be her.

Alison Angel has big tits. Huge motherly tits. She could have twins and have plenty of milk left over. Alison also has wide hips. Perfect for making babies and passing them out as well. Just about the only hang up with Alison Angel and baby making is that her pussy is too tight. How will a baby get out of there?

Until that question can be answered there is plenty of time for dry runs. Perhaps stretching out her pussy with your cock would help? There is only one way to find out!

Alison updates her site with new content twice a week. Fans of both voyeur and exhibitionist sites will fall in love with This blonde nymph enjoys masturbating right out in public. When I say public, I mean public.

Each video captures Alison’s beauty in a way that is indescribably. You will just have to check out her tour and watch the trailers there. Alison’s orgasms are amazing. Powerful and public. Daring and adventurous. Once you join Alison Angel you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

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