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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/09/08 - Write A Comment!

What is life but a string of happy coincidences?

I have a confession to make. I have been trolling around the Internet for about two months now looking for more of this wonderful bitch. Yeah I called her a bitch. I am a man. We don’t go shopping. We enter the store and we get what we want and we get the fuck out (unless we are at Bass Pro Shops). Mai has had me running willy-nilly all over the fucking Internet. Up until now…

You may have seen her previously at Rookie Babe or FTV Girls. Now you don’t have to go running all around to see this wonderful, beautiful, curvy babe. She is right here at Mai Crush.

So what does Mai do? She achieves some awesome orgasms with fingers, toys and other girls. Mai sticks things into her pussy that normally don’t belong there. No, I am not talking about dildos. I am talking about everything else in the kitchen, bathroom and jewelry drawer.

Mai Crush updates multiple times a week. Members get her Email address and get to watch her streaming video chats. Mai Ly often brings friends to her webcam chats to make things more interesting. As if Mai wasn’t interesting enough!

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