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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/06/08 - Write A Comment!

My Rhino sense is tingling. I think it is trying to tell us that we are all in for a big surprise. A really big tits surprise!

Hailey Little is the schoolgirl of my dreams. She has everything a pervert could ever want and more. Her body has so many curves you could get lost in them and yet it is firm enough not to jiggle. Except of course for those big tits of hers.

Hailey sports a fresh California tan all year long. Out there the sun is always shining and it rarely drops below the mid-70’s even around Christmas time.

Schoolgirls are a dime a dozen in some parts of California. There are Catholic schools on every corner. But schoolgirls like Hailey Little are a rare find indeed. Hailey loves to show off her big bosoms and her sexy teen panties. She wears everything from cotton with little pink hearts printed on them to satin thongs her mother would not approve of. And we get to watch her flash them all!

One thing that really sets apart from the rest of the solo model sites is quality. And here is my little rant. Some sites out there make the webmaster $10K a month but he can’t seem to find the time to properly set up a shoot. He can’t seem to find the time to adjust the white balance in the photos and some photo sets on other solo models sites are fucking hideously dark or too bright.

At Hailey Little the guy takes the time to make sure every single photo is perfectly balanced. He uses the longer encoding method for the videos that keeps them crystal clear. It is as though he really gives a shit about making Hailey Little as cute as she can be. Not that Hailey needs much help in that department.

So the next time you feel like voting with your wallet, do yourself and everyone else on the Internet a favor, vote for Inform your friends of the differences between her quality and other peoples quantity of crap.

Thanks, see you on her member’s message board!

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