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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/18/08 - Write A Comment!

Start with equal parts two hot teens.
Add multiple teens with lesbian tendencies.
Stir and expect the batter to be a bit lumpy.

Speaking of lumps… Sasha has some of the plumpest lumps topped off with puffy nipples that I have seen in a while. Along with having heavenly titties she also has a leggy and lengthy body. Her Godly gifts don’t stop there either. Sasha has a youthful tushy that would make most college coeds blush!

Sasha is just one of the many sexy friends of Laura Loves Katrina. All of the girls on the site have lesbian tendencies. The photos and videos are fun and flirty. Lots of public kissing and flaunting. Makes you feel younger just watching them.

The two girls the site is built around are both super model worthy. Tall, small boobs, petite frames and a few ribs showing. The friends they bring along on their girl-girl adventures differ in shapes and sizes greatly.

There are over 220 picture sets and 54 videos available on Laura Loves Katrina with weekly updates for more. You can watch free preview movies on the tour. Watching two hot teen girls kissing is amazing. Even better – watching them go down on each other!

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