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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/27/08 - Write A Comment!

Every once in a while a girl comes across my computer desk that defies aging. Today that girl is Holly from Nubiles. This blonde, barely legal teenager has a pussy that looks just as tasty as a Georgia peach.

Holly has four videos and four picture sets at Nubiles. Most of the models have just as many. That is because Nubiles updates multiple times a day. With this accelerated  update schedule you almost find it too hard to keep up with them all! But who is complaining? Not me!

Photos on Nubiles have two settings, large and small. The large pics are a wad blowing 2400×1600. I have 24″ monitors and they span the entire thing. Imagine that picture above at that size. It is like having the real one right in front of you. Shit, I can almost taste it for Christ’s sakes!

Nubiles videos are broken down into several chunks for easy viewing. For those with broadband connections you can download the entire thing in one fowl swoop. All 120mb of it. Plus, if you don’t want shit lingering around on your hard drive for someone else to see it you can stream the videos via their flash player.

Members can rate the girls and their individual updates too. Makes finding the cream of the crop a cinch.

The search functions at Nubiles also make finding what you like a cinch too. Here, lets run one shall we? How about Girls with shaved pussies that do hardcore sex with guys, wear a bikini and show camel toe… I just got 27 girls and I have to say…


Along with all of these great features there is still more… Members can tag photos and videos so that you can search for some very specific topics like a puffy pussy. You can view up to the minute data like who just rated whom last and what they gave her. It is fucking amazing!

The Nubiles girls are regulars in the message board at You can interact with them or with the other Nubiles fans. The girls accept private messages too.

No other barely legal site has this many girls and this level of fan interaction. Nubiles is the one that broke the mold!

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