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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/03/08 - Write A Comment!

I had a girlfriend once that wore satin panties. Pretty normal, I know, but this girl didn’t wear her panties the normal way. She liked to wear those satin panties inside out!

The first time I noticed we were at a party and I knew she had on ultra soft pink panties. Her skirt wasn’t very long and I caught a glimpse of white material covering her pussy. I thought that was weird since I didn’t see her change her panties since we left the house.

Whispering in her ear I asked her to follow me to the restroom. We picked the master bath since it usually gets less traffic. Once inside I pulled her skirt up and asked her why her panties were inside out.

She pulled her panties to the side and showed me to part touching her tender pussy lips. Everything was all wet. Her pussy lips and her panties!

She stated, “My Panties Are Wet.”

No shit! They were soaked. She told me the soft material reminded her of having her pussy licked. While she was saying that her fingers instinctively found their way to her clit and she began to run her panties into it. I instinctively whipped out my cock and started whacking it.

She put the toilet seat down and sat down so she could spread her legs while her fingers worked feverishly on her moist panties. I could tell she wasn’t far off so I got ready to blow my load. Right when I hit the point of no going back she wrapped her lips around my cock and I shot my load into her mouth.

As soon as I was done filling her mouth with my spunk she swallowed it and began her orgasm. She moaned pretty loud and kicked the wall so hard I thought she might leave a hole in it.

When we were done she took off her panties and offered me a lick. I ran my tongue through her juices and she took a taste too! Then she smelled her scent and threw them into her purse. She put a dry pair on and we were ready to exit the restroom.

Two hours and some tequila shots later she came over to me to whisper something into my ear.

She said, “My Panties Are Wet.” And off to the bathroom we went! is the premier panty site. Watch as teen girls and college coeds rub their soft panties into their pussies until you can see their wetness showing through.

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