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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/29/09 - Write A Comment!


Lets break it down shall we?

First, the camera has to go. I know she got it as a Christmas present and it is her first digital camera and all, but 2 mega pixels? Bitch please!

Second, some guy out there is hitting this shit six ways till Sunday. What a lucky fucker! And he doesn’t even know it. She probably thinks she is the lucky one dating the quarter back of her high school football team. She is eighteen, still in high school and one year away from making the biggest mistake of her life.

But don’t worry, every cloud has a silver lining!

They aborted.

No, that isn’t the silver lining. I ain’t that sadistic!

The silver lining is that they also broke up and you know what that means. He dumped every pic and video he ever made of her or she made of herself. Remember that self shot of her tits she sent him for Valentine’s Day? You don’t remember? Well, then. get yourself a membership at Her Self Pics and you will!

That’s right. At you get uncensored access to everything the girl above took of herself and thousands of girls like her.

Her Self Pics started out as a free forum where joining meant you had to post some self shot pics of your own personal hottie. Some guys didn’t have a hottie lying around to post pics of and so they came up with a trusted member status. Basically you paid to join in the fun. Then things got even better.

Girls started requesting to post their own pics! Unfortunately some of them didn’t own a camera. No problem. With the money they collected from the paid members they shipped the girls cameras! Now the updates are piling in from girls all over the world!

Talk about a silver-fucking-lining!

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