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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/02/09 - Write A Comment!


If this girl looks sweet and innocent to you, I feel sorry for ya. Because Haley Wilde is going to eat you alive!

I am sure as shit that Haley Wilde’s parents were shocked to shit when they found out their Mid-West, All-American daughter was doing porn. Not only was she doing porn but she was, and still is, good at doing porn!

There must be some deep seated instinctual feelings locked into the male psychi that make us howl at the moon when you see a “good girl” like Haley Wilde that is comfortable with doing anal! You could get anal with any dime-store slut and feel like it is just par for the course. With Haley you feel like you are getting some kind of bonus. Good girls aren’t supposed to do these taboo things!?!?

Clicking on the pic above will take you to a free masturbation gallery from her site. If you want to see one of her blowjob videos click on the words Blowjob Videos!

Sure, a bit more hardcore then most of the models I run here. Someone searched for her and from time to time I like to check the logs and give you exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy!

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