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Emy Reyes is the product of proud parents. Her mother is from Mexico and her father is from the Philippines. They moved her to America to enjoy all that higher education has to offer her. While Emy is a straight A student, I am sure her parents would be shocked to know why!

Like most all girls schools Innocent High requires the girls to wear a schoolgirl uniform. Emy Reyes’ parents must have missed that memo and she showed up to school wearing regular clothes. Lucky for Emy one of the teachers had some left over uniforms in his classroom that she could wear.

Instead of having her waste more time trying to change her clothes in the little stalls in the restrooms her teacher had her change right there in the classroom. Once her saw this girls small tits and tight pussy it became apparent that this girl could get an A. If she played ball!

Turns out Emy was used to playing ball. How do you think she got her scholarship to such a prestigious school like Innocent High? She had fucked her way into this school and she didn’t mind fucking her way out of it too! teachers break in a new student every week. As a member you get access to a larger network of sites including Oye Loca (Latinas), Euro City Life (Group Sex Teens!), The Real Workout (Tight Babes), Solo Interviews (Teen Masturbation), The Girl Sucks (Messy Teen Blowjobs) and more!

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