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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/17/09 - Write A Comment!

This is my first time embedding a video into a post so I hope this shit works or you are going to see a blob of crap for about 10 minutes or so while I figure it out.

That cute little hinny belongs to Little Caprice. She is a cute young babe with a small set of tits. While her tits are small and her pussy is tight it isn’t because of lack of use. This girl does hardcore! Something more and more solo models are doing.

God I love broadband!

Each of the Little Caprice videos is 25 minutes or longer. All of them are in high definition and she updates her site 3 times a week. In her videos Caprice has sex with her fingers, food items (cucumber anyone? No? How about an ear of corn on the cob?), other girls and a couple of lucky guys. I can only imagine what it would be like to stick my dick in this girls tight teen pussy.

Actually. I don’t have to imagine. I just break out my Fleshlight and the rest is history!

As an added bonus members of Little Caprice now get access to her Emo friend Kaira 18. She is like Avril Lavigne on meth. Kind of toxic, but somehow erotic at the same time.

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