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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/28/09 - Write A Comment!


This is perfect. A brunette with blue eyes and small tits. Could life get any better than this?

Her name is Cofi Milan and some of you might have heard of her before. She has had a web site that has been under promoted for quite a long time. All of that is about to change as she found a new management company. These are the same people that brought you such hotties as Andi Pink, Ariel Rebel, Felicity Fey, Katie Fey and the ever popular small tits model Kristina Fey. You can’t ask for a better management company than that!

Cofi Milan is under a different umbrella than the Fey sisters though so you get a completely different set of bonus sites. Girls like Amy Days and Sandy Fair (another personal fav!) are part of the collection. There are another ten models, with more coming by July. Scroll down on the tour and you can see who they all are.

Once again the Wonton Media team has struck gold. Sweet, pleasurable gold. Cofi Milan goes both ways so you get the tri-fecta. Masturbation, lesbian kisses and lesbian licks with some good hard fucking with blowjobs and cumshots thrown in for good measure.

Cofi Milan. She is your new girlfriend on the net!

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