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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/26/09 - Write A Comment!


So I was just having a conversation with my girlfriend tonight about what is beauty. I prefer chicks to look good without needing makeup. Perhaps that is why I write about Emily18 at least once a month. She always looks good.

Above is Sweet Stephanie. I prefer a girl like her to a girl like Angelina Jolie any day of the week. One because I am into teens and coeds and two because she doesn’t need makeup to get noticed. I am not saying she is hotter than Angelina or even that Angelina wouldn’t look good without makeup. I am saying that Sweet Stephanie isn’t all about herself and doesn’t act like a stuck up bitch.

I guess you could say I enjoy the girl next door look. Having a membership to Sweet Stephanie is like having a window into what goes on in the wild world of the teenager next door. When Stephanie’s mom and dad think she is sleeping or studying with a girlfriend they have it wrong. She is having sex with that girlfriend and we get to come along for the ride!

Sweet Stephanie is just as much a tease and flirt as she is a naughty girl. Most of her videos and photo sets start with lots of time and pics spent on her panties, tight shorts and camel toe. Once she has you good and hard she takes it all off and joins you!

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