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One of my old schoolmates had an older sister named Lucia. She used to tease me like it was her life’s work or something. It all started when she caught me peering through the cracked open bathroom door. It wasn’t like I was trying to spy on her and snuck up on the door or anything. I just got lucky.

On this particular night I was staying at my buddies house because my parents were going to be out of town for two weeks. My buddy Mitch and his parents were at a team meeting for his wrestling team. I guess if Lucia was younger than me they would have minded me staying behind. After all, younger sisters usually develop quite a crush for their older brother’s friends. So as it were, Lucia being older than me and all, they figured she’d be repulsed by my presence.

As I walked by the slightly opened bathroom door I took a quick look inside. It is only human nature for a growing boy, right? There was Lucia. Wearing only her print panties and a matching tank top. She was removing her eye makeup, so she was elevated to her tippy-toes and leaning over the counter.

Lucia already had nice legs, but there is something about how she was standing that made them look even longer, sleeker and sexier. Not to mention they terminated at her nice, volley ball player’s ass. I had never seen a thong on a girl before. well, live anyway. and I am sorry, nobody, not even a queer, could have walked away from that sight! It was more than just a sexual image, it was God’s perfect creation. A divine work of art!

Just as I got the idea to skedaddle Lucia turned towards me. At first her look was surprise. Like, woe, someone is looking at me and I didn’t expect it. Then it turned to disgust. Just as her parents had predicted it would. But then it turned to something else. Something hard to describe.

That last facial expression was brought about when Lucia looked down towards my waist. While I was looking at her perfect ass I had sprung a woodie. First, she got that surprised look again. Like she didn’t expect to see “him” looking at her either. Then a wry smile worked its way across her face. I was sure that smile meant I was about to get blackmailed or something worse.

“Do you like looking at my ass?” Lucia asked while slapping her butt cheek with her hand.

I tried to say something, but nothing would come out. I wanted so badly to just turn back the clock and mind my own business.

Lucia opened the door and walked into the hallway. She pointed to my hard cock pushing on the front of my pants. Her finger was only an inch away from it. For a second I thought she was going to touch it and this caused my dick to twitch. and let out a drop of precum. It instantly soaked through my boxers and my pants.

“I will take that as a yes,” Lucia stated with another wry smile. “Come here.”

Gesturing towards me to follow her, Lucia walked into her room. I did as I was told. Walking behind the object of my affection, I was a slave to her ass.

“Sit,” Lucia commanded.

I sat on the desk chair she had moved in front of her bed. Lucia climbed onto her bed and sat Indian style. I was trying not to be rude and look at her crotch, but I was losing the battle.

Lucia asked if I wanted to see her boobies and I nodded yes.

“OK, but you have to pull your pants and your underwear down.”

While I wanted to see Lucia’s boobs, I didn’t want her to see me. Nobody had seen me naked since my mom use to bathe me. To be blunt, I wasn’t sure about how big a dick was supposed to be and didn’t want to embarrass myself if mine wasn’t big enough. Lucia sensed this and told me not to be afraid. She could see my big dick already through my pants. She just wanted to see it naked now.

I felt a bit like someone would feel if they were jumping off of a twenty foot cliff. It isn’t all that high and they aren’t going to get hurt, but that first jump is a leap of faith. I leapt and pulled my pants down, quickly sitting back down.

My dick bobbed around a little and then settled upright. My face must have been beet red.

“See, it wasn’t that bad and it looks plenty big to me!” Exclaimed Lucia. “Now I guess it is my turn.”

She slowly pulled her top over her big boobs. Once out of their confinement they bounced a bit. Her nipples hit the cold air and instantly got hard. Some kind of hunter gatherer instinct kicked in and I swear time slowed down. My vision got better. From six feet away I could count every goose pimple on her nipples. I think my mind was recording that sight for me in extreme-HD just incase this kind of thing never happened again.

Lucia ran her hands over her boobs and it seemed she was trying to show that they were springy and sort of hard at the same time. This made her nipples even harder, which made my dick even harder. I felt a cool drop of precum hit my lower stomach.

“Oops, looks like someone is dribbling. Heehee.”

I looked down and indeed my cock was dribbling on me. Fucking amazing. I am this close to a semi-nude chick and my retarded friend from below the belt is making an ass out of me!

“Maybe you should rub it in. That way it won’t keep happening.”

My heart skipped a beat. Did she just ask me to jackoff? Now my face went beet red again, only this time, much deeper!

“Oh come on, I know you touch your thingy at night when you go to bed. You probably think of my ass. Don’t you?”

I was now having trouble breathing. Was this an interrogation? Is this where she tells me she is going to tell my mom, the entire school unless I do something for her?

“I know you do. So does Steve. I like to watch him do it. It shows me he is interested in me. You are interested in me aren’t you?”

Fuck yeah I am interested in you! Can’t you see it in my face?

“Now go on. Or I will tell everyone that you did it anyway.”

What the heck? Steve, quarterback for the football team, does it, so why can’t I?

I lightly gripped my cock and started tugging.

“That’s a good boy. I bet it is feeling better already.” And with that Lucia grabbed some lotion from her night stand and started massaging it into her bouncing boobies. It was like having a porno happen in real time, right in front of you!

“I will make you a deal. You can come to my room during your stay and watch a show if you will cum for me. You have to cum quickly. You have three minutes. Go!”

I looked at the clock. It said 7:05 and that meant her brother and her parents would be home in about three to five minutes. I had no choice. I couldn’t sit here savoring every nook and cranny of Lucia’s body. I had to act quickly and get to the bathroom before they got back.

Lucia bent over and offered me her lotion. I had never beat off with lotion before. I figured it must be what Steve does and he is a stud so again, what the heck, right?

With lotion I could go faster than I had ever gone before. Lucia sensed I was getting close and started moaning softly. She bit her lip and told me to cum for her. She wanted to see it shoot out. She bent over and let her tits hang, pushing her hand through the middle. I imagined how that would feel on my cock and without thinking about where it would go, I shot my load.

The first glob made the six foot trip and hit Lucia on the knee. The next one fell just short and hit the side of her bed. After that they got closer and closer to me. I stood up and tried to miss my own pants. Got them too. Dammit.

Just then I heard the garage door opener go off. I waddled with my pants around my ankles into the bathroom and began to clean myself up. I heard Lucia close her door. I stood there looking in the mirror. When was I going to get this chance again? Tomorrow? Maybe later on tonight? Would she even consider doing this again? Would she come to her senses? I sat down on the toilet and found that I was hard again. I beat off one more time. It set my mind at ease.

Someone knocked on the door. Mitch asked if I was almost done. I guess he figured I was going number two. I yelled almost and looked forward to tomorrow.

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