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I came across this movie gallery and it reminded me of some great times a girlfriend and I had once. We were in school and spending a lot of time together. I caught her stealing a glance up a girls skirt once and it got me thinking. was she bisexual?

Back in those days girls being bisexual in school didn’t jive. In college they could make out in the hallway and nobody would care, but in high school girls supposedly never made out and nobody masturbated. yeah, right!

So she use to get super horny when we’d have a couple of beers and smoke some pot and I hatched a plan. One of the girls she spent a lot of time glancing at seemed to spend a lot of time glancing back. One would look and then the other would look back once the first one looked away. Classic! How do I get them both horny at the same time though?

I picked a night when my parents were going out of town and had my girlfriend come over for the night. On a previous day I talked to her obsession and asked her to come over and party with us. I made sure to inform her that my girlfriend really wanted her to be there. That she really thought she was great and wanted to get to know her better. She took the bait and said she would come!

First, I got my GF high as a kite and we drank a beer or two. Then I told her to take a bath (without masturbating. she liked to run the faucet water over her clit) and put something sexy on under her pajamas. Next, I told her friend to come over at the same time I knew my GF would be getting out of the tub.

The doorbell rang. She went to answer it and invited her new friend in. Her friend smelled the pot and asked to have a hit. Some more tokes and a few beers and both girls couldn’t keep their eyes off of one another.

For the first few minutes I just watched as they made out. Then they started stripping each other down and kissing body parts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two hot chicks having sex right in front of me. Before long they were both naked and soon after they were locked in the 69 position.

My girlfriend came first and the other girl was right behind her. Once they had come back down to Earth and gathered their senses they turned their attention towards poor, little ole’ me.

Let’s strip him!” My girlfriend suggested and they both pounced on me, removing all of my clothes.

They parked themselves with their faces inches from my cock and looked at each other giggling.

“You first!” My GF called out.

The other girl went to work on me. She seemed a little clumsy and untrained in her technique. After about a minute of her warm mouth on me it was my GF’s turn. She instructed her on what to do.

“Use your hand on the shaft and work it up and down like this,” she said before putting her mouth on me. After moving her mouth up and down with her hand for a bit she came up for air and to explain more. “If you use your hand and mouth in unison it feels like your mouth is going all the way down to the base for him. That way you don’t actually have to take the entire thing into your mouth. unless you want to!”

With that she took almost my entire cock into her mouth for a few strokes and then started working the technique she had just explained.

“Your turn.”

Her friend wrapped her hand around my cock and started moving her mouth up and down. “Don’t forget to use your tongue on the head of his cock.” Her friend’s tongue began working on my cock and I couldn’t believe it. In two minutes my GF had taken her from total newb to porn star action.. almost.

The girl got a bit excited and tried to take my entire cock into her mouth. Once it hit the back of her tongue she gagged and that tightened her mouth onto my entire cock which felt amazing. She began to pull away and I grabbed her head and shot my load into her mouth.

She seemed a bit stunned at having my cum explode into her throat and gagged again. This caused me to shoot even more load then I normally would have. “Sorry, girl, but you are bringing this on yourself,” I said in my head.

Once I was out of jizz I released her head and she went to get up.

“Where do you think you are going?” My GF asked her and grabbed her head and pulled her close for an open mouth kiss. I watched as this girls resistance faded away in my girlfriends arms. Their kiss turned from restrictive on my GF’s part to passionate on both parts. My dick started wooding up again!

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