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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/12/10 - Write A Comment!


Emily 18 is that short little girl you have always dreamed of. She likes to wear print cotton panties and bright colored clothes. Her nipples are puffy and her tits are pert and small.

Members of Emily 18 can view her Playing Doctor pics and her weekly video updates. Everything is shot in HD so you can zoom in really big on her private parts. Only true fans get to see her barely legal pussy so join now!

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4 thoughts on “Emily 18 – Playing Doctor”

  1. You look under 18 girl! and if you were, would you still want to fuck your ass off until no end. I wish it was legal to go under 18 back in time with you because I I take that little innocent little body and face of yours, lay it down on your bed with your panties still on and your little bra, too. Then I would open your legs like nice and slowly, untie your little panties from each end, open up the front of them very slowly and start lifting up your legs widely and kiss your nice little pussy for a while and start liking it. I would untie your bra and throw it to the floor and start moving up to those wonderful hard nipples and suck them slow and hard. I’d go back down to that tender young cunt and lick it til you almost cum. Then I would take my dick and slowly fornicate you for hours til we were so both wet and tight we would finally hurt so good we could not stand it. That is the way a beautiful girl should begin in life so she can turn into a beautiful fun fucking girl who stays young, tight and satisfying. I say the younger the better always for someone like you. Stay puffed and tight girl! xxx

    Comment by Richard Mckenney — April 20, 2010 @ 3:33 pm

  2. We all must admit it. This is one girl that makes life worth living for. Young, sweet, devilish little mind to satisfy your every dream! Why can’t we all start opening up in society, allowing little girls like little Miss Emily here to show off even more. They also could be starting at a younger age and flaunt more in public. We would all love this and I know we would. It is the desire in our hearts to do it but why we hesitate and make it wrong is beyond me. That is one hell of a wonderful creation to behold. This is truly to love in every and any way you want to know my real mind about it. there is no end to what I could do to this little young thing. We are breaking through barriers more and more in society to see them getting younger and more innocent. If she were mine, I would Love to take you men, line you up one by one and watch what each one of you would do to her while I watched in heartache, love it though. And guys, I would let you whale on her! I know it will come true some day in my dreams for you to have them all like Emily for the taking over. Just to watch the likes of her be stripped down nicely. Sometimes I don’t know why but violently taking her over has crossed my mind and made me cum sometimes even. I’ll return to share more on this.
    But one more thing I’ll say for now is if I had them all, I’d want to see you guys do the train gang for this pussy. She really needs a good home cumming party that I want to watch her get fucked by each and every one while I soar through a never ending cumming while they get done… each and every one of them.

    Comment by Richard Mckenney — April 22, 2010 @ 3:11 am

  3. She needs to be broken of that sweet little innocent puss of hers real badly. then she can take it without feeling guilty any more… if she ever did. Yeah guys , I’d love to see her done but good and hard. She needs to be stripped and ripped.

    Comment by Richard Mckenney — May 26, 2010 @ 5:33 pm

  4. Emily:

    You have too many tattoos for the sweet, innocent little girl situation. Yep, you are now just another petite woman that’s begging to be stripped and ripped. Waiting to see that.


    Comment by Jim — September 26, 2010 @ 5:40 am

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