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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/13/10 - Write A Comment!


I was flipping around checking out girls at St. Mackenzie’s and I came across this gallery of Faye. You can click her picture above this text and check it out.

I stopped on this particular gallery because I had a buddy that went to Catholic school. His sister always looked so fucking cute in her uniform. How fucking ironic huh? She is not allowed to wear makeup or wear certain items, but she can wear a skirt, thigh high socks and a blouse/sweater combo that accentuates her sweet ass tits!

So anyway. I walked into her room once to see about snatching a pair of her panties. Not worn ones, douche bag, I ain’t some kind of pervert! When I open the door, there she is. skirt hiked up, no panties on and one of her brother’s porno mags lying across her chest. and she was sleeping!

I guess what ever she was looking at tired her the fuck out!

Like any self-respecting friend would do, I quietly closed the door behind me and reached into my pocket for my phone. I mean, come on, a schoolgirl with her bare pussy staring at you? My phone practically took the snap shots all by itself!

As I snapped pics I walked towards the bed. Just as I got to her bed I stepped on some of the crap she had all over her floor. She woke up and instantly noticed my swollen cock trying to bust its way out of my pants. Then she noticed the phone in my hand and put two and two together.

Faye quickly covered her pussy with her skirt and asked me what I was doing. I told her it didn’t matter what I was doing, the only thing that mattered was what she was doing with a Hustler magazine!

As I was talking to her I quickly hit a privacy feature to store the pics I had taken into a hidden folder on my phone and then continued to take more while I pulled her skirt out of her hand and held it across her stomach.

“You can’t take pictures of me, asshole! You need to delete those!” She commanded.

“Not until you show me what you were looking at, little Missy! And, you’re going to have to act some of that stuff out!” I replied.

“You. I can’t! You know I can’t!” Faye stammered.

“You can. and you will!”

With that I put her hand on my cock and told her to rub it. She did, but she tried to act like she wasn’t liking it. After about twenty seconds she couldn’t hide the fact that this was turning her on.

“I need to take it out or it will leave a wet spot on my pants,” I informed her.

As soon as I undid my pants it popped out and she grabbed hold of it pretty rough.

I told her to slow down. It wasn’t going any where!

She let go. dammit!

“What are you doing? You need to finish what you started!”

“I can’t! I have to be a virgin.”

“Are you fucking crazy? Jerking a guy off isn’t going to make you lose your fucking virginity!

“I have an idea. You lay down next to me and we can look at the magazine together and touch ourselves. (My eyes widened). Don’t look at me like that. I know you have been stealing my panties. I assume you are rubbing them on your cock.”

Hmm. She had me there. I was busting a nut in her panties now and then. Perhaps this would work out and perhaps it’d eventually lead to me getting a taste of her sweet pussy. If not today, then tomorrow!

“OK, but this isn’t a one time thing. When your brother ain’t around, we are dipping into his mags – deal?”


I laid down next to his sister and she opened the magazine to a page with two girls and a guy. She went on to tell me about wanting to feel his love and all kinds of sappy shit. My mind wondered and I propped myself up so I could see her fingers rubbing her clit.

After a few minutes she surprised me with, “and then she would come up behind me and rub her soft boobs into my back while he is in front of me.” What? Shit. I guess I should start paying attention.

“Then we both go down on him at the same time. It is crazy because our tongues keep touching and after a while he grabs our heads and puts out mouths together. I think about pulling away, but she kisses so soft and, after all, both of our mouths taste like a mans penis anyway!”

Now all of a sudden my dick is ready to burst! I look around and she notices my frantic search for something to explode in. Her face gets a sly look as she hands me her panties. Now it is my turn to perform for her. She props herself up and watches as I wrap her soft panties around my cock and stroke. It doesn’t take long for me to shoot my cum. Just as her panties start getting dark from the liquid that is filling them, Faye starts her orgasm too.

I can only imagine what it’d be like to be inside this virgin’s tight pussy when she is cumming. I’d definitely need a condom! Feeling her tight walls constrict around your cock would send even the most seasoned porn star over the edge!

Every two days St Mackenzie’s adds a new update of either a video or a high resolution picture set. All of the girls and all of the head-mistresses are hot. We are talking perfect 10’s!

Grab a pass and see what goes on behind closed (Catholic) doors!

One thought on “St. Mackenzies – Faye”

  1. hi lady. I want to see you. bye

    Comment by mustafa — May 12, 2010 @ 6:55 am

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